If you receive the subject message when using a Control Panel tool, you probably have a service that it is configured for Automatic startup, that can't initialize.

If there is no indication in the System Event log, you will have to use a trial and error process to identify the service.

Use Regedt32 to navigate to:


Change the Start value on all non-essential services from 2 (Automatic) to 3 (Manual).

Restart your computer.

If the problem disappears, adjust the Start value to 2, one service at a time, until you identify the problem service.

If the problem continues, try the following essential services, one at a time: (see tip 069)

                                   - Alerter                                   - Computer Browser                                   - EventLog                                   - License Logging                                   - Messenger                                   - Net Logon                                   - NT LM Security Support Provider                                   - Plug and Play                                   - Protected Storage                                   - Remote Procedure Call (RPC)                                   - Server                                   - Spooler                                   - TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper                                   - Workstation
See tip 1261.