Download and unzip the StrFInfo.exe file.

When you type StrFInfo.exe /?, you receive:

                              \[\]-----------------------------------------------------------------\[\]                              | STRFINFO v03.310 : Extracts STRINGFILEINFO text from executables. |                              |                    (C)opyright Dennis Bareis 2002,2003            |                              |                    ALL RIGHTS RESERVED ( |                              \[\]-----------------------------------------------------------------\[\]                              ERROR                              ~~~~~                              The file "/?" does not exist!                              SYNTAX                              ~~~~~~                              StrFInfo\[.EXE\] ExeDllOcxFileName  \[Property1  \[Property2 ...\]\]                              COMMON PROPERTIES                              ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                              FileDescription  FileVersion     InternalName  OriginalFileName                              ProductName      ProductVersion                              CompanyName      LegalCopyRight                              $Translation                              Properties are generated to stdout in the order supplied, one per line.                              A value of "FAILED" means a propery did not exist.                              A scripting language such as REXX, PERL or VBSCRIPT would normally be used                              to parse the generated (redirected) output.                              A return code of 0 or 1 means that some properties exist.                              A return code of 1 means that NONE of those you requested exist.                              A return code of 2 means that the file does not exist.                              Any other return codes probably mean that STRFILEINFO is unavailable, not                              all executables will have the information.
When I typed StrFInfo.exe C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\ARP.EXE filedescription fileversion companyname, I received:
filedescription=TCP/IP Arp Command                              fileversion=5.1.2600.0 (xpclient.010817-1148)                              companyname=Microsoft Corporation
When I typed StrFInfo.exe C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\ARP.EXE, I received:
CompanyName=Microsoft Corporation                              FileDescription=TCP/IP Arp Command                              FileVersion=5.1.2600.0 (xpclient.010817-1148)                              InternalName=arp.exe                              LegalCopyright=¬ Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.                              OriginalFilename=arp.exe                              ProductName=Microsoft« Windows« Operating System                              ProductVersion=5.1.2600.0                              Author=FAILED                              Comments=FAILED                              Download=FAILED                              License=FAILED                              Maintainer=FAILED                              $Translation=040904B0