After a clean install of Windows XP, attempts to download updates from the Windows Update Web site, or the Microsoft Update Web site, result in a prompt to install BITS (Background Intelligent Transfer Service).

If a red X is displayed next to an update, you receive error 0x80070003 when you press the red X.

This behavior occurs if BITS is not properly registered and/or some .dll files are not correctly registered.

I have scripted Fix80070003.bat to resolve this problem.

The syntax for using Fix80070003.bat is:


Fix80070003.bat contains:

                              @echo on                              net stop wuauserv /Y                              net stop bits /Y                              CD /D %SystemRoot%\System32                              Rename Msxml3.dll Msxml3.old                              Rename Wuaueng.dll Wuaueng.old                              Rename Wuapi.dll Wuapi.old                              Rename Atl.dll Atl.old                              Rename Wucltui.dll Wucltui.old                              Rename Wups.dll Wups.old                              ::The above files should be automatically replaced from %SystemRoot%\System32\DLLCache                              @ping -n 11>nul                              regsvr32 /S Msxml3.dll                                regsvr32 /S Wuaueng.dll                               regsvr32 /S Wuapi.dll                                regsvr32 /S Atl.dll                                regsvr32 /S Wucltui.dll                                regsvr32 /S Wups.dll                                rd /s /Q  %SystemRoot%\SoftwareDistribution                              net start bits                              @ping -n 7>nul                              net start wuauserv