Regardless of what the readme files says, these are the fixes in Service Pack 4:

Service Pack 4

<b> <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q109993</a> Winsock Application Causes 0x0000000A Blue Screen STOP Message
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q112547</a> Dial-Up Networking Hangs After Failed Multilink Attempt
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q123597</a> WinNT Err Msg: Error 614 Out of Buffers When Using RAS Script
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q125020</a> NetBIOS SEND WAIT Call Returns Before RECEIVE is Sent
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q129047</a> Synchronizing DNS Information in Registry with Boot Files
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q129457</a> Anonymous Connections May Be Able to Obtain the Password Policy
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q137565</a> System Error 53 When Connecting to a FQDN
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q138791</a> SCSI Printing Devices Requiring Wide SCSI May Fail
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q141496</a> DHCP Client Comment Disappears When Obtaining IP Address
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q141708</a> Printing to LPD Printer Is Slow or Fails with Windows NT
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q142026</a> Err: "Hidden Console of WOW VDM" Running 16-bit or MS-DOS App
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q142047</a> Bad Network Packet May Cause Access Violation (AV) on DNS Server
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q142615</a> Event Log Service Fails to Check Access to Security Log File
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q142635</a> Cannot Change the Drive Letter of Removable Drives
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q143160</a> Enterprise Server Stops During Print Spooling
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q143478</a> Stop 0A in Tcpip.sys When Receiving Out Of Band (OOB) Data
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q143484</a> IIS Services Stop with Large Client Requests
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q146095</a> STOP: 0x0000000A or STOP: 0x0000001E in Tcpip.sys
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q146965</a> GetAdmin Utility Grants Users Administrative Rights
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q147222</a> Group of Hotfixes for Exchange 5.5 and IIS 4.0
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q147706</a> How to Disable LM Authentication on Windows NT
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q149658</a> TCP/IP Printing Causes File Cache to Grow
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q150953</a> Nwuser.exe Send Function Truncates Messages to 38 Characters
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q151677</a> NWLink SPX Ignores Allocation Number Sent By Peer
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q151778</a> Huge Downlevel Print Job Causes File Cache to Grow
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q151860</a> STOP 0x0A While Writing to the Middle of a Cached File
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q152079</a> SNMP Traps Contain Invalid Agent ID Field
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q152764</a> Garbled Characters Appear in Windows NT Print Queue
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q152993</a> Raster Fonts Print Different on Windows NT 4.0 Than on 3.51
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q153161</a> WinNT Systems Running RAS May Exhaust Available DHCP Leases
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q153296</a> Write Cache on IDE/ATAPI Disks Is Not Flushed on Shut Down
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q154087</a> Access Violation in LSASS.EXE Due to Incorrect Buffer Size
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q154094</a> Using Iomega ATAPI Zip Drives with Windows NT
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q154162</a> Memory Leak in Perfmon.exe Occurs Monitoring WINS Counters
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q154174</a> Invalid ICMP Datagram Fragments Hang Windows NT, Windows 95
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q154387</a> TAPISRV.EXE Thread Uses Excessive CPU Time
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q154398</a> BDC Secure Channel May Fail if More Than 250 Computer Accounts
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q154460</a> Denial of Service Attack Against WinNT Simple TCP/IP Services
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q154475</a> Add Printer Wizard Printer Browse List Not in Alphabetical Order
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q154552</a> NETSTAT Causes Memory Leak
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q154694</a> New Policy Available to Hide Go To on Tools Menu
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q154791</a> MS-DOS-based Applications May Not Find All Files
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q154984</a> DNS Server May Not Recursively Resolve Some Names
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q154985</a> DNS Registry Key Not Updated When Changing Zone Type
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q154990</a> SETPASS May Change Password of Wrong User
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q155495</a> Reference Counter Overflow in Security Descriptor Causes STOP
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q155701</a> Invalid UDP Frames May Cause WINS to Terminate
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q156655</a> Memory Leak and STOP Screens Using Intermediate NDIS Drivers
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q157032</a> Services for Macintosh May Cause STOP 0x0A During High Load
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q157123</a> Communicating with SNA Hosts May Cause STOP 0x0A in DLC.SYS
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q157182</a> FPNW Causes STOP 0x50 When Connection Is Closed Twice
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q157911</a> Deadlock in Service Control Manager During System Shut Down
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q157913</a> Services Set to Interact With Desktop May Fail to Start
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q158396</a> Explorer Hangs When Creating a New Folder On a MAC Volume
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q158516</a> Access Violation in RPCRT4.DLL When Pickling Buffered RPC Data
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q158548</a> Sysdiff Changes Dates on Files It Applies to Windows NT
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q158581</a> Icon Position Not Stored When Using Roaming Profiles
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q158682</a> Shortcuts Created Under Windows NT 4.0 Resolve to UNC Paths
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q158706</a> Netmon Performance Counters Support a Maximum of Eight Adapters
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q159310</a> Updated Version of Dns.exe Fixes Several Problems
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q159595</a> Missing Uppercase "A" Character in the 1257 Font
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q159599</a> WINS Consistency Checking May Not Start at Scheduled Time
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q159839</a> Sysdiff Does Not Add Empty Directories
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q159909</a> STOP 0x0000000A May Occur on Multiprocessor Systems
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q160517</a> RRAS May Decrement Local Static Route Metric
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q161968</a> NetBT Tears Down TCP Session with Many Concurrent File Transfers
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q161969</a> LPR Printing Device Reports an Error If Printer Not Available
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q162230</a> Fragmentation and Performance Issues with PPTP Connections
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q163055</a> DHCP Client May Fail with WinNT 4.0 SP2 Multinetted DHCP Server
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q163251</a> STOP 0xA Due to Buffer Overflow in NDISWAN.SYS
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q163662</a> Running Multiple Instances of an Application Causes STOP x50
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q163852</a> Invalid Operand with Locked CMPXCHG8B Instruction
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q163855</a> STOP 0x0000001e May Occur in Srv.sys w/ Down Level Client
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q164023</a> Fix for Gethostbyname() IP Address Order on Local Multihomed Mac
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q164253</a> WinNT Err. Msg: Event ID 2018 When Srv.sys Is out of Memory
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q164314</a> WinNT Err Msg: STOP 0x0000001E in Win32k.sys When Moving Mouse
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q164438</a> FPNW Print Jobs Do Not Print or Errors Occur in FPNW Interface
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q165005</a> Windows NT Slows Down Because of Land Attack
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q165181</a> EISA Configuration Boot Code Is Replaced on Mirror Drives
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q165387</a> Sharing Violation When Deleting a Folder
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q165404</a> NTVDM AV on Servers with Exchange cc:Mail Connector
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q165439</a> Parsing LMHOSTS with Invalid Entries Can Cause Stop 0x1E
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q165664</a> RPC Encoding API "MesInqProcEncodingId" May Not Work
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q165989</a> GetPeerName() Returns WSAENOTCONN After Select() Returns Success
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q166571</a> Creating an SFM Volume on Large Partition Causes a Stop 0x24
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q166822</a> Remote Password Change Works Incorrectly to Down-Level Server
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q166846</a> Cannot Reconnect to TN3270 Server with Close Listen Sockets
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q167038</a> RAS Clients Run Winsock and RPC Applications Slowly
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q167040</a> PPTP Performance Update for Windows NT 4.0 Release Notes
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q167110</a> WinNT Err. Msg: Stop 0x1E in FPNWSRV.SYS
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q167395</a> RIP Routes May Expire Early When Running Windows NT 4.0 RIP
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q167629</a> Predictable Query IDs Pose Security Risks for DNS Servers
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q167703</a> Canon Bubble Jet BJC-4300 Does Not Support Ledger Paper
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q167708</a> BootP Client Names Disappear in DHCP Manager
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q167871</a> Error When Connecting to a Share on WinNT 4.0 NTFS Partition
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q167969</a> Under Windows NT, Win16 Applications Opening MS-DOS Devices Fail
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q168076</a> WINS Fails to Converge
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q168662</a> DLC May Fail When Connecting Through an IBM 2210 Router
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q168748</a> Java Applets Cause IE 3.02 to Stop Responding w/ SP3
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q169020</a> 32-bit Help Fails to Start When 16-bit Help Is Running
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q169131</a> Print Setup Dialog Box May Take a Long Time to Display
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q169274</a> TCP/IP Causes Time Wait States to Exceed Four Minutes
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q169291</a> Using Scopes with Different Subnet Masks in a Superscope
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q169404</a> NTFS Directory Corruption with Frequent File Creation
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q169461</a> Access Violation in DNS.EXE Caused by Malicious Telnet Attack
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q169608</a> Occasional File Corruption When Using Unbuffered I/O
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q169822</a> DSMN RAS Dial-in Properties Deletes NetWare Compatibility
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q169839</a> XFOR: Cannot Enable (Appletalk) MTA Service NT SP3
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q169847</a> SNMP SysUpTime Counter Resets After 49.7 Days
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q169888</a> User-Define Path Dropped When User and System Paths Too Large
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q170057</a> Dr. Watson Dialog Box Stops Responding
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q170509</a> Memory Leak in SERVICES.EXE Causes Performance Degradation
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q170510</a> Double-Clicking the Mouse Button Acts as a Single Click
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q170517</a> Cannot Log on Using IPX After Installing SP3 on Windows NT 4.0
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q170518</a> DNS Admin Fails When Managing Large Number of Zones
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q170534</a> Microsoft FTP Client Echoes Gateway Password on the Screen
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q170566</a> Ntbackup.exe Log Has Additional Space at Beginning of Each Line
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q170568</a> Seagate Tape Drive Light Stays Lit After Exiting NTBACKUP
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q170572</a> Unable to Format a 1.44-MB Disk on an LS-120 After SP3
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q170626</a> DDEML: Memory Leak in Global Shared Memory
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q170753</a> Window Focus Set to Invoke Wrong 16-bit Application Through DDE
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q170817</a> Windows NT Causes APC Smart UPS Battery to Discharge
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q170880</a> Diskdump.sys Common Buffer Size Is Changed
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q170965</a> SFM Time and Date Stamp Change Copying Between Volumes Locally
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q171180</a> Non-Paged Pool Memory Leak in IRP Pool Tag
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q171181</a> Deadlock in TCP/IP on Multiprocessor Computers
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q171213</a> Copy to Removable Drive in Explorer May Fail After Media Swap
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q171295</a> Fault Tolerant Systems May Encounter Problems with WinNT SP3
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q171307</a> How to Disable SAP Broadcast for RPC Service
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q171308</a> Explorer File Properties Dialog Version Tab Missing
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q171386</a> Connectivity Delay with Multiple Redirectors Installed
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q171458</a> Windows NT May Fail On Request to Open Large Files
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q171564</a> TCP/IP Dead Gateway Detection Algorithm Updated for Windows NT
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q171790</a> Time Incorrect After Restarting Multiprocessor System
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q171940</a> MS-DOS Application I/O Operations Cause Floppy Drive Access
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q171989</a> Windows NT Services for Macintosh May Not Start in Desired Zone
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q171996</a> Winsock Function Calls Generate Non-Paged Pool Memory Leak
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q171997</a> WINS Replication Does Not Start As Scheduled
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q172003</a> Macintosh Change Password Fails on Down Trusted Domain PDC
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q172030</a> WinNT Err Msg: Stop 0xA in TCPIP.SYS
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q172122</a> Toshiba I586 Pro 230 MHz System and the National 307 Chip
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q172147</a> Add Printer Wizard Hangs When Searching for Remote Printers
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q172290</a> Routing and Remote Access "Out of Buffers" Event Logs
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q172511</a> Stop 0x0000000A w/ Services for Macintosh & McAfee Anti-Virus
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q172512</a> Routing and Remote Access Event ID 20100
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q172613</a> Errors Connecting Through RAS When Password Expires
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q172705</a> Explorer Access Violates When Viewing a File's Properties
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q172762</a> Continuous Bhnt.sys Load and Unload Causes STOP 0xA and 0x7F
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q172885</a> NetWare Print Server Names With Periods Truncated in Explorer
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q172930</a> Removing Bypass Traverse Checking Causes Copy to Drop Streams
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q172982</a> 16-bit ShellExecute Fails if Application Exists in Long Path
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q173059</a> Security Events Are Not Logged During Audit
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q173277</a> No Memory.dmp File Created with RAM Above 1.7 GB
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q173322</a> How to Disable Autochk During a Windows NT Reboot
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q173385</a> System Policy Editor Will Not Allow More Than 255 Characters
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q173523</a> IIS 3.0 Can Fail in Low Memory Conditions
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q173525</a> WINS Client May Switch Primary and Secondary WINS Servers
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q173526</a> "Serious Disk Error" When Saving Word 6.0 Document on Windows NT
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q173533</a> WinNT Radius Client Sends Incomplete Accounting Information
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q173676</a> Client Cannot Resolve MX Record via Microsoft DNS Server
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q173753</a> Duplicate IP Addresses After Upgrading DHCP Clients to SP2
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q173817</a> Savedump.exe Now Provides More Security to Memory.dmp
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q173881</a> STOP 0x0000000A in Netbt.sys on a Multiprocessor Computer
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q173941</a> Windows NT DNR Does Not Cache Short Names
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q173993</a> Dialog Message Not Sent Correctly from 32-bit to 16-bit App
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q173994</a> GetTextExtentPoint32W May Fail with Unicode Characters > 0x
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q173997</a> Drive Letter Not Displayed in Error Message Box
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q173998</a> Middle East/Thai Windows NT May Print Incorrect Characters
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q174020</a> STOP 0x0000001E During Forced Shutdown and Program Exit
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q174058</a> Delayed Worker Threads Causes a STOP 7A
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q174076</a> Invalid Password Message When Strong Passwords Are Required
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q174187</a> WinNT Does Not Display IBM PS/2 TrackPoint as the Mouse Driver
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q174205</a> LSASS May Use a Large Amount of Memory on a Domain Controller
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q174233</a> KeInitSystem Function Returns Uninitialized Stack on Alpha
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q174234</a> Computer Hangs with Intensive 16-bit Code Running in a VDM
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q174266</a> "Print Screen" from MS-DOS Application May Print Twice
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q174333</a> Installing Win95 Print Drivers on WinNT 4.0 Asks for Wrong Disk
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q174465</a> Bad SAP Packet Causes 0x0000000A In Afd.sys
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q174478</a> Minimizing or Maximizing Does Not Redraw Window Properly
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q174502</a> Fault Tolerant Recovery Does Not Reoccur After Shut Down
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q174509</a> Stop 0x0000000A in Ndiswan.sys with Digiboard ISDN Board
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q174510</a> Print Job Corruption Printing on Fast Hardware Across Slow Link
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q174531</a> DirectDraw Fails Surface Creation with Large Dimensions
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q174534</a> BitBlt May Not Work When Raster Operation Mode Is NOTSRCCOPY
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q174535</a> Access Violation When TCMAPP Exceeds 16 Users
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q174540</a> Extra Page Printed on Epson Stylus Color Printers
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q174541</a> Publisher 3.0/4.0 Does Not Print Brick or Vertical Line Patterns
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q174543</a> Enabling the Shift Lock Feature on Windows NT 4.0
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q174555</a> STOP 0x0000001E When IIS Service Is Stopped
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q174625</a> Environment Variables May Prevent Logging On
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q174676</a> NetWare Authentication Failure When Logging On to NetWare Server
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q174748</a> XADM: ESEUTIL /g Returns Error -1022
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q174764</a> Memory Leak in Ntfs.sys
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q174830</a> NMI Error Message on Blue Screen May Be Garbled
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q174840</a> Disabling Buttons in the Windows NT Security Dialog Box
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q174844</a> Spooler Service Causing Access Violation
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q174869</a> WINS Client Sends Refresh Requests to Secondary WINS Server
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q174871</a> Printer Shares Lost after Changing Server Name
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q174927</a> Error Message During Setup of Noncritical Changes
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q174929</a> No Response to ARP Causes Duplicate IP Addresses on Network
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q174932</a> STOP 0x0000000A with Halmps.dll When Restarting
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q175035</a> Diskless Workstations Cannot Find BOOTP Server with DHCP
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q175048</a> CACLS Quits on Access Denied Errors with /c
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q175093</a> User Manager Does Not Recognize February 2000 As a Leap Year
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q175225</a> Disabling Context Menus Does Not Disable Key Combinations
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q175266</a> Creating Many Partitions Causes Double Drive Letters
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q175321</a> SNA Client Sessions Hang Until SNA Server Is Restarted
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q175468</a> Effects of Machine Account Replication on a Domain
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q175637</a> Poor Print Quality with Epson Stylus Pro XL ESC/P 2
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q175641</a> LMCompatibilityLevel and Its Effects
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q175643</a> CR Interpreted As CR/LF When Text Job Is Converted to PCL or PS
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q175667</a> Error Message: Copy Profile Error
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q175687</a> Win32k.sys Causes STOP 0x0000001e and 0x0000000a On SMP
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q175738</a> Collate Feature May Not Work with PostScript Printing
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q175745</a> Memory Leak When Using Win32 GetClipboardFormat API
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q175877</a> CSNW Connection Leak When Running 16-bit Applications
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q176081</a> Access Violation in Explorer.exe Removing a Share
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q176082</a> RRAS Server Updates Link State Database but Not Route Table
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q176087</a> LPRMON Status Strings Are No Longer Localized on German Version
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q176209</a> RAS or RRAS Server Fails to Answer Incoming Calls
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q176211</a> Console-mode Apps May Run Slowly on Multiprocessor Computers
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q176319</a> Docfile Standard Marshalling Returns 0x800706f4
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q176322</a> The Far East GetTextExtent API Fails with Null LPNFit
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q176502</a> RAS Authentication Rechallenge Resets Compression Flag
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q176922</a> Multiple IP Addresses Cause Dynamic Packet Filter to Fail
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q176973</a> Stop 0x0000000A in Netbt.sys on BDC When WINS Server Shuts Down
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q176976</a> Wrong Return Value from MkParseDisplayName
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q176977</a> STOP 0x00000023 FAT_FILE_SYSTEM with Corrupted Floppy Disk
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q177113</a> Incomplete Print Jobs Using JetDirect over SPX
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q177125</a> User Cannot Log On to LAN Because of RAS Logon Failures
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q177154</a> Access Control Causes Reverse Proxy to Fail
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q177245</a> Multiprocessor Computer May Hang Because of Tcpip.sys
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q177257</a> STOP 0x0000000A or Difficulty Recognizing IDE CD-ROM Drives
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q177445</a> Use LoadLibraryEx When Loading Printer Drivers
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q177471</a> EBCDIC Characters not Properly Converted to ANSI Characters
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q177591</a> Service Pack Version Truncated in About Box
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q177631</a> Comdlg32 Fails to Display Drives Mapped by SUBST Command
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q177644</a> Commenting Macintosh File Changes Date and Time Stamp
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q177647</a> Nonpaged Pool Size Incorrectly Displayed in Performance Monitor
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q177650</a> Remote Shutdown Fails If User Is Logged On Without Rights
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q177651</a> AT Command Handles Quotation Marks Differently
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q177653</a> CRT Conflict with Getservbyname
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q177654</a> Slow Network Performance Using NetBEUI Across Bridges
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q177655</a> Negative Values in Performance Monitor Data
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q177660</a> Access Violation Occurs in Sfmprint.exe on Busy Print Server
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q177668</a> Calibration Does Not Change When You Calibrate Foot Pedals
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q177670</a> RRAS Does Not Enforce Strong Encryption for DUN Clients
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q177676</a> Stop 0x00000024 May Occur When Bypass Traverse Checking Disabled
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q177677</a> TSR Applications Hang While Login.exe Is Running
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q177680</a> With GSNW, WinNT Client Cannot See All Files on NetWare Server
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q177684</a> Application Using SetOwner May Hang Windows NT User Interface
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q177757</a> Dr. Watson Does Not Report Service Pack Number
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q177868</a> SnmpMgrTrapListen API Returns ERROR_SERVICE_NOT_ACTIVE Error
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q177906</a> Caching Does Not Work Under Reverse Proxying
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q177983</a> Stop 0xA in Netbt.sys with Greater Than 64 Adapters
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q178109</a> Roving Profiles for Windows 95 Clients Stop Working
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q178110</a> FPNW Does Not Allow OS/2 Clients to Open Files
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q178113</a> Specifying a Group Name in LMHOSTS File May Cause STOP 0xA
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q178202</a> Fix for Loss of Data Records or Partial Records Written to Disk
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q178205</a> Connecting to a Server is Slow over RAS Using LMHOSTS File
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q178208</a> CrashOnAuditFail with Logon/Logoff Auditing Causes Blue Screen
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q178302</a> XADM: Upgrade to Exchange 5.5 Fails If Virus Software Is Enabled
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q178364</a> Macintosh Clients See Files on WinNT Server Constantly Moving
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q178381</a> SNMP Leaks Memory If the OID Cannot Be Decoded
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q178393</a> SQL Server Hangs When Sending a Message Using SQLMail
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q178413</a> Windows NT System May Hang When Running a Filter Driver
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q178414</a> Archive Bit Is Not Reset When a File Is Renamed
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q178471</a> STOP 0XA Caused by Race Condition in VDM and Process Delete
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q178546</a> CSNW Does Not Display Directory Name with Extended Characters
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q178550</a> IP Address Conflict with Address
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q178557</a> Dr. Watson May Display Message Box Even When Disabled
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q178636</a> Directory Listing Not Correct When Using Russian Characters
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q178723</a> Problems with "Run Only Allowed Windows Application"
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q178741</a> Event Log Opening Problem Causes Services.exe Failure
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q179092</a> NWLNKIPX Sends Broadcast RIPX Packets Over the Network
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q179107</a> STOP 0x0000000A in Raspptpe.sys on a Windows NT PPTP Server
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q179129</a> STOP 0x0000000A or 0x00000019 Due to Modified Teardrop Attack
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q179147</a> Access Denied Starting Program
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q179156</a> Updated TCP/IP Printing Options for Windows NT 4.0 SP3 and Later
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q179157</a> Stop 0xA in Tcpip.sys When Source Routing Data Exceeds 18 Bytes
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q179187</a> Problems Using TAPI 2.1
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q179190</a> NWRDR May Send Excessive GetNearestServer Requests
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q179433</a> Cache Manager May Cause Data Corruption on SMB Servers on FAT
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q179553</a> Access Violation in PolEdit When Defining Allowed Windows Apps
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q179741</a> STOP 0x0A Due to Duplicate Free in Afd.sys
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q179827</a> Registry Handle Leak Causes Random Blue Screens
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q179873</a> Files Open with UNC Path May Be Closed Prematurely
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q179983</a> RDR Sessions on UNC Name Images May Log Off Prematurely
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q179995</a> Memory Leak in FPNW Causes Windows NT Server to Hang
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q180168</a> Novell Client 32 for Win95 Displays Duplicate Files on FPNW
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q180356</a> NWConv Fails to Apply Correct Group Permissions
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q180532</a> Xircom PC Card Fails to Function
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q180622</a> STOP:0x0000001E with STATUS_INSUFFICIENT_RESOURCES in Sfmsrv.sys
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q180648</a> Windows NT 4.0 Traps with a Stop 0x24 or Stop 0xA
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q180716</a> SFM Fails to Accept Associations with Two-Character Extensions
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q180717</a> SFM: File Date and Time Stamp Change with Get Info
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q180718</a> SFM: Disconnect Macintosh Clients before Dismounting Volume
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q180854</a> Access Violation in Winlogon with Third-Party Gina.dll
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q180875</a> Russian Clients May Have File I/O Problems on an FPNW Server
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q180963</a> Denial of Service Attack Causes Windows NT Systems to Restart
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q181022</a> Err: Cannot Write to LPTx Printing to Parallel Port
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q181120</a> Manual Dial Dialog Fails to Appear when Logging On
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q181311</a> Data Corruption Occurs with Record Locking on FPNW Server
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q181799</a> RPC/TCP Connection Attempt Made Only to First Address
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q181859</a> Stop 0x0000000A When Using UltraBac to Back Up a SQL Server
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q181928</a> Using POLEDIT to Save Policy Files on NetWare Servers May Fail
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q182005</a> Euro Currency Not Available in Windows NT Character Sets
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q182047</a> DHCP Server Performance Degraded by Large Number of Scopes
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q182205</a> Clients Cannot Send Mail Attachments Through Modem Sharing
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q182227</a> DNS Server Does Not Check for Delegations Before Forwarding
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q182288</a> RPC May Cause System to Stop Responding during Shutdown
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q182322</a> SNMP Appends Garbage to Data in Response to SNMP Get
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q182333</a> Excessive Processor Usage on Print Servers
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q182441</a> Full Synchronization from WinNT PDC to LanMan Server May Fail
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q182444</a> NBF MaxFrameSize Calculated Incorrectly on Token Ring
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q182540</a> WinNT x86 MPS HAL Can Fail To Map System Relative IRQs
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q182644</a> DNR Sorts IP Address for Multihomed Hosts Before Returning List
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q182781</a> Client Connections to Multihomed Server Not Load Balanced
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q182816</a> WINS PriorityClassHigh Parameter Does Not Work After Restarting
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q182817</a> CSNW: Unable to Rename File on NetWare Server
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q182825</a> NET USE Returns Error 53 When Host Has 3 or more NICs
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q182918</a> Account Lockout Event also Stored in Security Event Log on DC
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q183054</a> Taking Ownership Remotely May Set Owner Incorrectly
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q183069</a> Ensoniq PCI Sound Card Experiences Static When Disk Is Accessed
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q183123</a> Find Files Displays Garbled Date if Year is 2000 or Greater
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q183125</a> Shell Doc Property Dialog Custom Date Incorrect after Year 2000
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q183283</a> IE Through Proxy Server to IIS May Stop on Page with Scripts
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q183292</a> Print Preview Frequently Causes Access Violation in Spooler
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q183335</a> Calling Card and Area Code Not Dialed Using Both TAPI Options
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q183419</a> Memory Leak in Spoolss.exe Causes Performance Degradation
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q183581</a> Out of Virtual Memory Messages During Windows NT Installation
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q183651</a> Default Memory Settings for Lexmark Optra S 1250 Incorrect
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q183652</a> Access Violation When More Than 200 Adapters Are Installed
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q183653</a> Client Authentication Fails Connecting to Netscape Server
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q183654</a> IBM DTTA-351010 10.1 GB Drive Capacity Is Inaccurate
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q183656</a> XCOPY Returns "Invalid Parameter" When Using Date Switch
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q183657</a> Unable to Insert OLE Objects into Application Documents
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q183664</a> NDS Logon Scripts Do Not Execute Correctly
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q183676</a> Window Position of Windisk.exe Causes Access Violation
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q183677</a> Client Authentication with Personal Certificates Fail
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q183699</a> Winsdmp.exe Inefficiently Dumps WINS Databases with Large ID
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q183704</a> Hide Drives Policy in Common.adm Has No VALUEOFF Statement
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q183705</a> RPC Mishandles Changes in the Number of IP Addresses
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q183709</a> Printing from Xerox 3006 May Cause Paper Jams
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q183718</a> CACLS Not Resolving Principle Names Correctly
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q183749</a> Access Violation in INETINFO:TerminateExtension
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q183755</a> More Than One Internal IP with Socks Enabled Causes Dr. Watson
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q183812</a> Problems When a Connection over an ISDN Bridge Is Not Closed
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q183819</a> DCOM over HTTP Method Calls May Hang for up to 15 Minutes
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q183832</a> GetHostName() Must Support Alternate Computer Names
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q183840</a> Stop 0xC000021A When Starting Task Manager with CTRL+ALT+DEL
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q183859</a> Integrity Checking on Secure Channels with Domain Controllers
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q183875</a> DHCP Server Leases Excluded Addresses if the Scope Is Expanded
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q183886</a> Access Violation in LSASS When Logging on System
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q183930</a> FIX: IP Is Mangled When Using UDP on Multihomed Computers
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q184017</a> Administrators Can Display Contents of Service Account Passwords
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q184026</a> NetDDE Causes Dr. Watson When Closing Incomplete Connections
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q184072</a> HasOverlappedIoCompleted, GetOverlappedResult Give Wrong Value
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q184101</a> Small Single and Double-Precision Values Are Rounded to Zero
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q184132</a> Err Msg: Value Entered Does Not Match with the Specified Type
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q184139</a> Stopping RPC Locator Service Causes Error 2186
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q184213</a> SystemFileCacheInformation Can Be Changed Without Privilege
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q184219</a> Access Violation in Microsoft TAPI Browser 2.0
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q184228</a> Dr. Watson in Nwssvc.exe Deleting Queue and Printer from FPNW
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q184229</a> Copying Files to a Macintosh Volume Changes Date and Time Stamp
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q184232</a> DCOMCNFG Saves Incorrect Display Name in Services
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q184278</a> Server in One Domain May Disconnect Client in Another Domain
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q184288</a> GP Fault May Occur with IIS on Multi-processor System
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q184344</a> Reconcile on DHCP Scope Does Not Work Correctly for BOOTP Client
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q184350</a> WordPerfect Suite 6.0 Setup Fails with Multiple CD-ROMs
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q184353</a> DHCP ALT+H Shortcut Key for HELP Is Not Available
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q184414</a> Access Violation When Printing PostScript to SFM Print Server
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q184537</a> Very Large Files Cause Performance Problems
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q184538</a> Error Message: A Controller for This Domain Could Not Be Found
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q184744</a> DHCP Server Leaks Registry Quota on Alpha Version of Windows NT
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q184752</a> Xerox PCL Does Not Print Landscape
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q184754</a> Several Threads Created in LRPC Running Stress Test in IIS
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q184758</a> STOP 0x78 When NonPagedPoolSize > 7/8 of Physical Memory
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q184794</a> STOP 0x50 May Be Caused by PPTP Registry Entries
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q184832</a> Intermittent Name Conflicts with WINS Server
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q184835</a> Explorer on Windows 95 DFS Client May Hang
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q184836</a> Application Access Violates When Session Is Terminated
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q184875</a> API Function BroadcastSystemMessage() Always Returns 1 (Success)
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q184879</a> Windows NT Logon Dialog May Disappear
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q184881</a> Reverse Lookups with BIND Earlier Than 4.8.3 Fail
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q184891</a> Server.HTMLEncode Garbles Extended Characters
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q184937</a> Session Between Multihomed Computers May End Unexpectedly
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q184954</a> Computer Hangs While Booting with HP 6L Printer out of Paper
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q184996</a> Incomplete List of NetWare Server Volumes with CSNW/GSNW
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q184998</a> RDR May Read or Write from Wrong File If File Is Memory Mapped
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q185051</a> Restarting Cluster Service Causes Services.exe to Crash
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q185081</a> No Domain Controllers Found When Logging on Using RAS
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q185137</a> Log Logical Record Request May Be Sent to Wrong Server
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q185142</a> NetWare API Log Logical Record May Incorrectly Succeed
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q185203</a> SPOOLSS Hangs When Printing a File With a Corrupted EMF Record
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q185212</a> Cluster Server Does Not Support More than 900 Shares
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q185219</a> IIS 4.0 with Multiple Certificates May Return Error
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q185260</a> User Accounts May Get Locked out After Entering Wrong Password
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q185300</a> STOP 0x24 in Ntfs.sys Function NTFSMoveFile()
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q185323</a> Pool NonPaged Bytes Not Accurately Calculated for User Mode
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q185349</a> Problems Remotely Accessing W3 or FTP Perfmon Counters
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q185355</a> Printers Folder Displays Printer Error When Printer Is Busy
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q185559</a> Negative Value in NtGdiFastPolyPolyline Causes Blue Screen
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q185568</a> WlxCloseUserDesktop Function Unavailable for GINA Writers
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q185571</a> Printing from Lotus Freelance 97 Produces Thin Horizontal Line
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q185605</a> Stop Error Caused by Invalid Use of Private Video Driver Handle
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q185624</a> Calls to NtQueryVolumeInformationFile May Cause Stop 0x0000001E
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q185625</a> Windows NT Client Logon Fails with EnableSecuritySignature Set
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q185668</a> IntelliMouse TrackBall Wheel Does Not Work with Service Pack 3
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q185682</a> Bugcheck When IPX Is Bound to Only Ndiswan Adapter
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q185722</a> SFM Rebuilds Indexes upon Restarting of Windows NT
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q185723</a> Explorer File Copy from Windows 95 Share Fails
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q185727</a> BUG: closesocket() Fails with 10038 After _open_osfhandle()
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q185729</a> Computer Becomes Unresponsive During CGI Stress Test
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q185734</a> DNS Server Access Violation in Dns!sendNbstatResponse Routine
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q185735</a> Explorer Crashes When Dragging Lotus Notes Files over Toolbar
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q185736</a> Applications May Appear Hung or Unresponsive on Windows NT 4.0
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q185765</a> HP LaserJet 4Si Driver Unprintable Region is Incorrect
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q185773</a> NTFS Corruption on Drives > 4 GB Using ExtendOEMPartition
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q185787</a> STOP 0x0000002E on Alpha with ISA Sound Card
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q185788</a> Windows NT Hangs on Boot on DEC Alpha Clustered Servers
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q185791</a> STOP on DEC Miata and Rawhide Platforms Using Graphics Tablet
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q185867</a> STOP 0x0000000A in Win32k.sys After Installing Korean Office 97
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q185870</a> IIS: SQL Server Insert Error Regarding Column Name Mismatch
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q185892</a> Unwanted Popup Message While Printing to an LPR Printer
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q185944</a> Stop 0x7B After Installing Windows NT on an ALR Evolution-V ST
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q185945</a> Access violation in win32k!HMMarkObjectDestroy in JPN and KOR NT
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q186051</a> Archive Bit Is Not Set with File or Directory Rename
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q186078</a> Name Resolution May Fail If NetBios Name Has ASCII Character
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q186081</a> STOP 0x0000000A When Restoring Tape
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q186101</a> FTP Client Does Not Show the Correct Transfer Size for Files
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q186150</a> NetBEUI May Hang When Using Arcnet Under Heavy Network Traffic
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q186158</a> Blue Screen When Shutting Down with RAS Connection Established
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q186217</a> 3C509 Is Not Autodetected During Setup on ThinkPad 760EL & XL
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q186241</a> Dr. Watson May Cause CPU Usage to Spike
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q186247</a> Users Are Unable to Print to Server
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q186339</a> Adobe ATM 4.1 OpenType Fonts Not Showing up in Font Menu
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q186357</a> RPC UseWinsockForIP is Only Applicable to UDP and IPX
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q186416</a> System Hang Results from Large Number of Notify Syncs
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q186434</a> Slow Network Default Profile Operation
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q186439</a> Removing Server Service Results in Memory Leak
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q186455</a> Mgmtapi.dll Opens Trap Socket in Exclusive Mode
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q186463</a> Windows NT Replies to Address Mask Requests
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q186473</a> You Can Delete All Records on a WINS Server Using SNMP
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q186494</a> Event ID 517 Not Created When Security Log Is Cleared
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q186495</a> WOW Leak Launching Many Instances of a 16-Bit Application
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q186669</a> FPNW Logout.exe Incorrectly Reports Year After Jan. 1, 2000
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q186743</a> International Characters Print Incorrectly in Schedule Plus
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q186746</a> International Calling Codes Updated in Service Pack 4
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q186770</a> Windows NT Hangs Trying to Access SuperDisk SLS-120 Disk Drive
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q186805</a> Intermittent Stop 0xA in Srv.sys on Shutdown
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q186820</a> DNS Server Returns Wrong Response When WINS Lookup Is Enabled
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q186860</a> Update Memory Settings and Add Exec Paper Size to Sharp Models
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q186873</a> Netbios Delays Sending/Receiving Packets When Session Is Lost
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q186904</a> MPROUTER Access Violation on Invalid Radius Response
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q186905</a> Radius Client Uses 100 Percent CPU on Invalid Response
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q186929</a> LowercaseFiles Registry Key Has Added Functionality
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q186963</a> Incorrect Dimensions in Executive Form with Mannesmann Driver
 <a target="NewWindow" href="">Q187277</a> The FTP PORT Command Fails in</b>