To print on both sides of the paper (Duplex) on a Hewlett-Packard LaserJet 5/5M PostScript printer, you must meet the following conditions:

1. The optional duplex unit must be installed and recognized by the printer (use the self test).

2. On the Device Setting tab of the print driver, click Duplex Unit in the Installable Options folder and make sure that the setting is Installed.

3. In an application, select Print Setup on the File menu and make sure that the Page Setup tab has the option Print on both sides (duplex printing) set to either short edge or long edge.

4. Set the resolution for the print job based upon how much printer memory is installed. Additional memory is required to print duplex at 600 dpi or on larger paper sizes. Here is a chart you can use: (less memory is required for PCL mode)

                               Size/      300 dpi simplex  300 dpi duplex  600 dpi simplex  600 dpi duplex                               Option                                Letter/A4  4 Megabytes      4 Megabytes     4 Megabytes      10 Megabytes                               Legal      4 Megabytes      5 Megabytes     4 Megabytes      12 Megabytes                               I/O        4 Megabytes      12 Megabytes    4 Megabytes      12 Megabytes                               buffering                                Resource   8 Megabytes      13 Megabytes    8 Megabytes      13 Megabytes