If you want to expand many (all) of the compressed files from the NT CD-ROM, run WinNT32.exe from the \i386 (or \Alpha) folder. Press the Options button and uncheck the Create boot floppy disks box. On the main screen, press Continue. When finished, simply Exit (do not reboot). You will find a new folder on your C: drive named $win_nt$.500ls. Rename the folder. In it, all the compressed files have been expanded.

If you prefer to use a different drive, at a cmd prompt, type:

<CD-ROM>\i386\winnt32 /t:driveletter /x or <CD-ROM>\Alpha\winnt32 /t:driveletter /x

where driveletter is the hard disk letter you want the $win_nt$.500ls folder created on. The i386 directory expands to 82MB.