Here are some reasons for having problems with 16bit applications:

1. The PATH variable is too long or has an entry pointing to the WINDOWS or WINDOW/SYSTEM directories of a Windows 3.x or Windows 95 installation. This would be in either Control Panel / System / Environment or the AUTOEXEC.BAT. See tip 021.

2. The COMMAND.COM used by Windows NT is missing, damaged or replaced by another version. Repair System files and re-apply your latest Service Pack.

3. The VER.DLL file in the %systemroot%\system or %systemroot%\system32 directories is corrupted or replaced by an invalid version.

4. SHARE.EXE (or VSHARE) is being loaded in an %systemroot%\system32\AUTOEXEC.NT.

5. Insufficent environment space, see tip 047.

6. Check %systemroot%\system32\CONFIG.NT, here is mine:

dos=high, umb
shell=%systemroot%\system32\ /p /e:4096

7. Corruption of the WOW sub-system files. Repair System files and re-apply your latest Service Pack.

8. Make sure the following files are from your latest SP or NT CD, whichever is later:
        Commdlg.dll                                      Compobj.dll                                      Ddeml.dll                                      Ole2.dll                                      Ole2disp.dll                                      Storage.dll                                      Ctl3dv2.dll                                      Ole2nls.dll                                      Stdole.tlb                                      Typelib.dll                                      Ver.dll
NOTE: Ver.dll should be in both %SystemRoot% and %SystemRoot%\System32.

See tip 1227.

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