A. SCW expects Exchange to be installed in the \%programfiles%\exchsrvr folder. SCW configures the firewall component exceptions, which rely on a pointer to the associated executable. If Exchange isn't installed where SCW expects, the pointers that SCW creates are incorrect. In that case, SCW displays an error stating that the emsmta.exe, mad.exe, and store.exe files can't be found. After the server reboots, the exceptions don't work correctly, and access to the services will be blocked.

The solution is to either not use SCW or to manually add exceptions Windows Firewall and point to the correct location of the executables. The Microsoft article "After you run the Security Configuration Wizard in Windows Server 2003 SP1, Outlook users may not be able to connect to their accounts" at http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=896742 explains the latter approach.