Instead of using the GUI, you can use Setup.exe:

<font size="1">SETUP.EXE /f /i%systemroot%\system32\ncpashel.inf /T NTN_InstallMode = Install /T NTN_Origination = install /T NTN_Infname = OEMSETUP.INF /T NTN_SRCPATH = D:\I386 /T NTN_Infoption = OPTION</font></b>
NOTE: The above command line MUST be a single line.
<b>The parameter meanings:

/f                 = Turns off blue background
/T NTN_InstallMode = Install, Remove, Update, Configure or Bind
                     This option is identical to the GUI interface
/T NTN_Origination = Install (= NCPA when setup issued by NCPA.CPL)
/T NTN_Infname     = Name of the INF file name
/T NTN_SRCPATH     = Path to the distribution files
/T NTN_Infoption   = Name of the option. To figure out which option has
                     to be installed, open the INF file and search for the
                     section \[Options\].  You should find the name of the
                     option to setup. </b>
Example: To install TCP/IP Printing from your CD-ROM (D:) drive, the command lines are:
<b>cd %systemroot%
<font size="1">setup /f /i%systemroot%\system32\ncpashel.inf /T NTN_InstallMode = Install /T NTN_Origination = install /T NTN_Infname = .\OEMNSVTP.INF /T NTN_SRCPATH = D:\I386 /T NTN_InfOption = TCPPRINT</font></b>
NOTE: OEMNSVTP.INF is the INF file for Microsoft TCP/IP Printing. It contains:
NOTE: You must either do the bindings manually, or run Runncpa.exe from the BackOffice Resource Kit.