A. The FrontPage Extensions are not installed during the Beta 2 NT/IIS setup.  To install the extensions, perform the following steps:

  1. Completely remove any previous FrontPage or FrontPage Extensions installations from the server. This can be accomplished using the Add/Remove Programs control panel applet
  2. Open a command prompt and change directory to SYSTEM32
    C:\> cd %systemroot%\system32
  3. Type
    C:\> sysocmgr /i:fp.inf /n /x
    this will start the Windows NT setup for the FrontPage Extensions
  4. Ensure that the FrontPage 99 extensions are selected and click "Next"
  5. Select the location of your NT 5.0 I386 structure and click OK.
  6. The files will then be installed.

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Contributed by Thomas Lee