A. By default, Internet Explorer 2.0 is installed when you install Windows NT. To stop this perform the following:

  1. Copy the I386 directory from the Windows NT 4.0 CD to a hard disk drive.
  2. Expand the Syssetup.in_ to Syssetup.inf
    NOTE: Expand.exe must be run from within Windows NT, that is, expand Syssetup.in_ to Syssetup.inf
  3. Rename Syssetup.in_ to Syssetup.old. By default, Setup will use the compressed version if both exist.
  4. Open Syssetup.inf and search for Iexplore.inf and insert a semicolon in front of Iexplore.inf.

The change should be as follows:

; iexplore.inf,DefaultInstall