A. It is not possible to exclude an unreadable root or other file that is physically located below a readable root. A workaround is to append to the user’s restriction. For example, FrontPage roots can be removed by setting the CiRestriction in the .Idq file to the following:

CiRestriction=(%UserRestriction%) &! #vpath *-vti_*.

Its also possible to exclude certain files and combine, for example:

CiRestriction=%if FreeText eq on% $contents "%CiRestriction%" &! #vpath *\_vti_*. &! #filename *.|(txt|,hhc|,hlp|,htx|,tmp|) %else% %CiRestriction% &! #vpath *\_vti_*. &! #filename *.|(txt|,hhc|,hlp|,htx|,tmp|) %endif%

This will exclude the FrontPage specific files and any .txt, .hhc, .hlp, .htx and .tmp files.