A. By default, SMS clients have a cache size of 250MB, which is adequate for most scenarios. You can change the cache size when you install the SMS client, or you can change it after you've deployed the client--either by using the Systems Management Control Panel applet on the client or by using a script (which you can send out and run via SMS). The following code excerpt sets the cache value on clients to 2GB. (Some lines wrap because of space limitations.)
                              On Error Resume Next                              Dim nValueToSet                              Dim oUIResource                              Set oUIResource = CreateObject("UIResource.UIResourceMgr")                              Set objCacheInfo = oUIResource.GetCacheInfo                              nValueToSet = 2000                              if objCacheInfo.TotalSize                               After you change the cache size, you can look at the CAS.log file on the client to confirm the change, as the following entry shows:                              
                              <!\[LOG\[Raising event:\[SMS_CodePage(437), SMS_LocaleID(1033)\]instance of SoftDistCacheSizeModifiedEvent\{ CacheLocation = "C:\\WINNT\\system32\\CCM\\Cache"; CacheSize = "2000"; ClientID = "GUID:D6D125B3-B2DB-4A6C-BB8A-8DFF7B645EB8"; DateTime = "20050716121404.287000+000"; MachineName = "VPCZTPC1"; OldCacheSize = "410"; ProcessID = 808; SiteCode = "ZTI"; ThreadID = 1344;\};\]LOG\]!>