A. A print driver "Generic/Text only" exists, which can be used with the file output ability as its default.

  1. Start the Printer Control Applet (Start - Settings - Printers)
  2. Start the Add Printer Wizard (click Add Printer)
  3. Select "My Computer" and click Next
  4. Under Ports check File: and click Next
  5. Under Manufacturers select Generic and select "Generic / Text Only" as the Printer. Click Next
  6. Enter a printer name and if you want it as the default printer or not. Click Next
  7. Select "Not shared" and click Next
  8. Select No to print a test page, click Finish
  9. Insert your NT installation CD-ROM and click OK

To use the ascii print driver go into your application and print, select the "Generic / Text Only" printer and click OK. A dialog will be displayed. Enter the file name you want the output to and click OK. You will now be able to view the file using Notepad or the like.