A. You can create an Office 2003 installation source that has an integrated service pack (in this case, Service Pack 1--SP1) and hotfixes to avoid having to manually install the updates later. Ideally, you should perform this process on an administrative Office 2003 installation so that you don't have to enter product keys or other information.

First, download the latest Office service pack here. Then extract the service pack to a temporary location (e.g., D:\temp\office2003sp1) by executing the following command:

                              D:\temp\Office2003SP1-kb842532-fullfile-enu.exe                              /t:d:\temp\office2003sp1 /c                              

(The commands wrap to several lines here because of space constraints, but you should enter each command on one line.) Click Yes to accept the license agreement.

You can now patch the core Office component by executing this command:

                              D:\temp\office2003sp1>msiexec /p d:\temp\office2003sp1\MAINSP1ff.msp /a                              "D:\Software\Microsoft Office 2003 Admin\PRO11.MSI" shortfilenames=true                              /qb                              
Next, patch the Office Web Components by running this command:
                              D:\temp\office2003sp1>msiexec /p d:\temp\office2003sp1\owc11SP1ff.msp                              /a "D:\Software\Microsoft Office 2003 Admin\OWC11.MSI"                              shortfilenames=true /qb                              

The Office 2003 installation source is now integrated with SP1. It's also possible to integrate hotfixes. For example, you can download the Update for Office 2003 (KB885828) here. Then extract the files by running this command:

                              D:\temp\office2003-kb885828-fullfile-enu.exe /c                              /t:d:temp\office2003tagpatch                              

Again, click Yes to accept the license agreement. You can now integrate the hotfix into your Office installation source. To do so, run this command:

                              msiexec /p d:\temp\office2003tagpatch\MSOff.msp /a                              "d:\Software\Microsoft Office 2003 Admin\PRO11.MSI" shortfilenames=true                              /qb                              
The Office installation now has the integrated hotfix.