A. To activate Windows XP during an unattended installation, you must add the following information into your unattended-install script:

                                 \[Unattended\]                                 Unattendmode = FullUnattended                                 Filesystem = LeaveAlone                                 TargetPath = *                                 Win9XUpgrade = No                                 NtUpgrade = Yes                                 AutoActivate = Yes                                 ActivateProxy = Proxy                                 \[userdata\]                                 ProductKey = XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX                                 \[Branding\]                                 BrandIEUsingUnattended = Yes                                 \[Proxy\]                                 Proxy_Enable = 1                                 Use_Same_Proxy = 1                                 HTTP_Proxy_Server = myproxyserver:80                                 Proxy_Override = <local>                              

Notice that you can use the Proxy section of the script to specify a proxy server. Also, be sure that you replace the ProductKey with a real activation key.

Users in large organizations will be able to purchase versions of XP that don't require Windows Product Activation, which will save you from having to perform this operation.