In the good old days, before the untimely death of TechNet Subscriptions, most IT folks would log in to TechNet and download and install full versions of applicable products for testing. After the last eulogy, the last rose placed, and the casket closed, IT Pros had very little available with which to continue their business-required product testing.

In September 2013 Microsoft issued a three-pronged approach to helping alleviate the pains they caused by axing a very popular program. One tine of the trident was to push older (or legacy) products to the web for download as evaluations. Microsoft has now made good on that promise and released many older applications and operating systems to the TechNet Evaluation Center.

Older products include Office 2010, Windows 7, SQL Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 and various System Center 2007 offerings. While this is not an optimum solution for many, it is something.

You can find the newly added products here: TechNet Evaluation Center – Previous Versions