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I read Moussa Faty's Reader to Reader: "Delete Files by Age" (March 2003, http://www.winscriptingsolutions.com, InstantDoc ID 37718), and I know of an easier way to delete files by age. The Microsoft Windows 2000 Server Resource Kit's Forfiles tool performs a command on each file in a list. For example, if you want to purge all the files in a directory that are older than 10 days, you can go to a command prompt and enter

                              forfiles -pC:\logfiles\ -m*.* -d-10 -s -c"cmd /c del @FILE"

The -p option is the directory in which to search for files, the -m option selects the files that match the specified string, the -d option specifies the date or days, the -s option recurses subdirectories, and the -c option is the command you want to run.