When you attempt to establish a trust between Windows 2000 domains, you receive an error message similar to one of the following:

- RPC server was unavailable

- Information from the primary domain controller name for the domain cannot be obtained because the RPC server is unavailable.

This error is due to the fact that the DNS service cannot locate server resources on the domain you are try to establish a trust with.

To fix this problem:

1. Open DNS Manager.

2. Right-click Forward Lookup Zones and press New Zone.

3. Press Next.

4. Select Standard secondary and press Next.

5. Name the zone and press Next.

6. Type the IP address of the DNS server(s) that will resolve the queries.

7. Press Next.

8. If the information on the Completing the New Zone Wizard screen is correct, press Finish.

NOTE: See Unable to Establish an Explicit Trust Between Windows 2000-Based Domains.