Download, 2002-11-13 19:00. After extracting JoinDom.exe to a folder in your path, you can use it to add the local computer name account to the OU of your choice and join the local computer to the domain.

JoinDom has two modes of operation:

If you run it without parameters, it opens a the following GUI:

If you type JoinDOM /?, you receive the following display:

Join Domain Application Help
/a=domain\user /p=password /d=domain /o=ouname(Optional)
Join machine to Domain MyDom in OU Desktops
/a=mydom\administrator /p=adminpw /d=mydom /o=desktops
Join machine to Domain MyDom in the Default Container
/a=mydom\administrator /p=adminpw /d=mydom

Join Domain Application
By: Quinn Easterbrook
Version: 1.2.14