If you run NETDOM 1.8 from the Windows NT 4.0 Reskit Supplement on your PDC, you receive:
   Searching PDC for domain  ...                                 Found PDC \\                                 Connecting to \\ ...                                 Querying domain information on  ...                                 Querying domain information on computer \\ ...                                 Computer \\ is currently in workgroup                                 .                                 Verifying if computer account exists on \\ ...                                 Connecting to \\ ...                                 Resetting secure channel ...                                 Changing computer account on PDC \\ ...                                 Changing LSA domain information on computer \\                                 ...                                 Updating trusted domain ...                                 Error 317.
If you run NETDOM 2.0 from the Windows 2000 Support Tools on your PDC, you receive:

        The procedure entry point LsaEnumerateTrustedDomainsEx could not be located in the dynamic link library ADVAPI32.dll.

To add a Windows 2000 computer to your Windows NT 4.0 domain, run NETDOM 2.0 on a Windows 2000 computer that is already a domain member.