Nltest, from the Support Tools, has several options to list site information.

NOTE: Install the Windows 2000 Support Tools from the Support\Tools folder on the Windows 2000 Professional or Windows 2000 Server CD-ROM.

To list the site of a domain controller, open a CMD prompt and type:

nltest /server:<Domain Controller Name> /dsgetsite

You will receive output similar to:

The command completed successfully

To list all the DCs and their corresponding sites, type:

nltest /dclist:<Domain Name>

You will receive output similar to:

Get list of DCs in domain <Domain Name> from \\<Domain Controller Name>                                   <Domain Controller-03>.<Domain>            \[DS\] Site: SITE01                                   <Domain Controller-02>.<Domain>            \[DS\] Site: SITE01                                   <Domain Controller-05>.<Domain>            \[DS\] Site: SITE01                                   <Domain Controller-04>.<Domain>            \[DS\] Site: SITE01                                   <Domain Controller-01>.<Domain>      \[PDC\] \[DS\] Site: SITE01                                   <Domain Controller-11>.<Domain>            \[DS\] Site: SITE02                                   <Domain Controller-12>.<Domain>            \[DS\] Site: SITE02                              The command completed successfully
NOTE:See the Support Tools documentation.