In tip 2809, I described the procedure for Windows 2000.

Windows NT 4.0 stores the registry hives in the %SystemRoot%\Repair folder, and on an ERD, in compressed format.

To perform the subject function for Windows NT 4.0, you must first expand the compressed hive from the %SystemRoot%\Repair folder, or from an ERD, to a temporary folder. Then load the hive, as in step 03, from the temporary folder. To expand the compressed hive:

Expand <Path to compressed Hive>\<Compressed Hive Name> <Drive:>\<Temporary Folder>\<Expanded Hive Name>


To expand the System hive, from the %SystemRoot%\Repair folder, to C:\TEMP\System:

Expand %SystemRoot%\Repair\System._ c:\temp\System

To expand the Software Hive from an ERD, to C:\TEMP\Software:

Expand A:\Software._ C:\Temp\Software