While the load order of modules and servies is dependent upon the the services that are installed, a ' typical' Windows 2000 domain controller loads in the following order:
Lsasrv.dll                               Kerberos.dll                               Msv1_0.dll                               Schannel.dll                               Ksecdd--logs in                               MsGina--logs in                               Service Control Manager                               Ksecdd--logs in                               Svchost.exe                               Spoolsv.exe                               Rassfm--package loaded                               Kdcsvc--package loaded                               Scecli--package loaded                               LanMan Workstation                               Msdtc.exe                               Dfssvc.exe                               Svchost.exe                               Ismserv.exe                               Llssrv.exe                               Ntfrs.exe                               Regsvc.exe                               Locator.exe                               Protected Storage Service--logs in                               Mstask.exe                               Svchost.exe                              Termsrv.exe                               Winmgmt.exe                               Dns.exe                               Inetinfo.exe                               Rasman--logs in                               Unlodctr.exe                               Remote_Access--logs in                               Winmgmt.exe                               Lodctr.exe                               Unlodctr.exe                               Userinit.exe                               Explorer.exe
NOTE: You can alter the services start up order by editing the registry, or the much easier user interface in the Services applet.