If your NT server uses only TCP/IP and your W95 client uses IPX/SPX and TCP/IP with Client for Microsoft Networks installed and the Novell Client for NetWare Networks installed, and IPX/SPX is the default protocol, the network logon validation may time out before TCP/IP sends a confirmation.

Microsoft says that the only solution is to unbind IPX/SPX and remove the Novell Client software.

To do this:

1. Control Panel / Network / Configuration.

2. Select the network adapter in the list of installed components and click Properties.

3. Click Bindings and clear the IPX/SPX Compatible Protocol and any Novell client check boxes.

4. Press OK and OK.

5. Click Yes to restart your computer.

NOTE: If you can afford it, you could try adding the IPX/SPX protocol to the NT server or making TCP/IP the default protocol on the W95 client.