The Win Sock Proxy Client ( WSP) does not write information to the registry.

On all operating systems, the WSP Client uses System.ini (%SystemRoot%\System.ini).

Here is a sample entry:

\[Microsoft Proxy Service\]                              Ini File Path=C:\mspclnt\mspclnt.ini                              StfPath=C:\mspclnt\setup.stf                              Configuration Location=C:\mspclnt\                                Sample Mspclnt.ini File                              \[Internal\]                              scp=9,10                              Build=2.0.400.12                              \[RAPLAYER\]                              RemoteBindUdpPorts=6970-7170                              LocalBindTcpPorts=7070                              \[Master Config\]                              Path1=\\PROXY-09\mspclnt\                               \[Servers Ip Addresses\]                              Name=PROXY                              \[Servers Ipx Addresses\]                              \[Common\]                              Port=1745                              Configuration Refresh Time (Hours)=6                              Set Browsers to use Proxy=1                              Re-check Inaccessible Server Time (Minutes)=10                              Inaccessible Servers Give Up Time (Minutes)=2                              WebProxyPort=80                              WWW-Proxy=PROXY                              Refresh Give Up Time (Minutes)=15                                                  Setup=Setup.exe                              Set Browsers to use Auto Config=1                              Configuration Url=http://PROXY:80/array.dll?Get.Routing.Script                              \[rvplayer\]                              RemoteBindUdpPorts=6970-7170                              LocalBindTcpPorts=7070                              \[services\]                              Disable=1                              \[spoolss\]                              Disable=1                              \[rpcss\]                              Disable=1                              \[inetinfo\]                              Disable=1                              \[net2fone\]                              RemoteBindTcpPorts=0                              ServerBindTcpPorts=0                              \[MAPISP32\]                              Disable=0                              \[EXCHNG32\]                              Disable=0                              \[kernel32\]                              Disable=1                              \[icq\]                              RemoteBindTcpPorts=0                              RemoteBindUdpPorts=0                              ServerBindTcpPorts=0,1025-5000                              UseProxyIpForGetHostByName=1                              NameResolutionForLocalHost=P                              \[wspsrv\]                              Disable=1                              \[outlook\]                              Disable=0                              \[lsass\]                              Disable=1