I have scripted the subject report, in a format similar to:
<b> \\ALRMP                  Jerry \\DELL                   Jennifer</b>
The script uses SOON and SLEEP from the Server Resource Kit Supplement 4.

If you don't have SOON, create your own.

if you don't have SLEEP, use a PAUSE.

There are two (2) batch files required. The controlling script is WhatIpDCsubmit.bat. The syntax is:

WhatIpDCsubmit WhatIpDC.bat ReportFile DC1 \[DC2 DC3 ... DCn\]       where:

    WhatIpDC.bat      is the full path to the WhatIpDC.bat file. 
    ReportFile      is the full path to the output report file. 
    DCx      is the ComputerName of each domain controller. 

NOTE: You must adjust the SLEEP time (currently 900 seconds (15 minutes)) to insure the scheduled jobs finish.

WhatIpDCsubmit.bat contains:

<b>@echo off
if /i not \{%3\}<h1><a name="_goto_begin_syntax_echo_Syntax_WhatIpDCsubmit_WhatIpDC_bat_ReportFile_DC1_DC2_DC3_DCn_endlocal_goto_end_begin_set_whatip_1_if_not_exist_whatip_goto_syntax_set_file_2_set_folder_DP2_if_exist_File_del_f_q_file_if_exist_folder_WhatIpDc_tm_del_f_q_folder_WhatIpDc_tm_copy_whatip_c_WhatIpDc_bat_shift_loopdc_shift_if_1_">\{\} goto begin
@echo Syntax: WhatIpDCsubmit WhatIpDC.bat ReportFile DC1 \[DC2 DC3 ... DCn\]
goto end
set whatip=%1
if not exist %whatip% goto syntax
set file=%2
set folder=%~DP2
if exist %File% del /f /q %file%
if exist "%folder%WhatIpDc.tm*" del /f /q "%folder%WhatIpDc.tm*"
copy %whatip% c:\WhatIpDc.bat
if \{%1\}</a></h1>\{\} goto report
set dc=%1
set dc=%dc:\=%
set dc=%dc:"=%
if exist "\\%dc%\c$\WhatIpDc.log" del /f /q "\\%dc%\c$\WhatIpDc.log"
copy %whatip% "\\%dc%\c$\WhatIpDc.bat"
REM If you don't have soon, create your own.
soon "\\%dc%" 90 cmd /c "c:\whatIpDc.bat"
@echo %dc% >> "%folder%WhatIpDc.tm1"
goto loopdc
REM if you don't have sleep, use a pause. You must allow enough time for completion
sleep 900
for /f "Tokens=*" %%i in ('type "%folder%WhatIpDc.tm1"') do call :checkdc "%%i"
sort </b>
WhatIpDC.bat contains:
<b>@echo off
for /f "Skip=4 Tokens=*" %%i in ('net session') do call :parse "%%i"
goto end
set str=%1
set str=%str:"=%
if "%str%"<h1><a name="_The_command_completed_successfully_goto_end_for_f_Tokens_i_in_echo_str_23_1_do_set_substr_i_if_substr_">"The command completed successfully." goto end
for /f "Tokens=*" %%i in ('@echo %%str:~23^,1%%') do set substr=%%i
if "%substr%"</a></h1>"ECHO is on." goto end
set computer=%str:~0,15%#
set computer=%computer:    #=#%
set computer=%computer:   #=#%
set computer=%computer:  #=#%
set computer=%computer: #=#%
set computer=%computer:#=%
set user=%str:~23,20%
for /f "Tokens=1-6 Delims=\[\].: " %%i in ('ping -a -n 1 "%computer:~2,12%"') do call :parse1 %%i %%k %%l %%m %%n
set computer=%computer%                #
set computer=%computer:~0,15%
@echo %ip% %computer%          %user% >> c:\WhatIpDc.log
goto end
if /i not "%1"=="Reply" goto end
set ip=%2.%3.%4.%5