\[Editor’s Note: Some or all of the following FAQ text was submitted by readers, Royce Williams and Noel Casey.\]

A. When Windows NT batch file processing encounters the goto command, the process ignores lines in the batch file until it finds the appropriate goto label.

@echo off<br>                              goto Begin<br><br>                              BATCHFILE.BAT v1.01 - does what batch files do<br>                              written 09/09/1999 by Joe Programmer<br><br>                              MODIFICATION HISTORY:<br><br>                              v1.00 09/04/1999 jp<br>                              initial version<br><br>                              v1.02 09/09/1999 jp<br>                              converted all dates in comments to<br>                              four-digit years for Y2K compliance<br><br>                              :Begin<br><...><br><br>                              :End</...>

Another method, which works on Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 95, is to use a double colon, as follows.

@echo off<br>                              echo Hello<br>                              echo.<br>                              :: This is equivalent to rem at the beginning of a line<br>                              rem This is an equivalent statement to the line above<br>                              :: This looks and reads better than rem<br>                              :: That&#8217;s all<br>                              echo Bye!