A. You can't read netlogon.chg using a standard text editor, but Windows 2000 Support Tools supplies the nltest.exe utility that you can use to view the contents of netlogon.chg. Execute the following command:

                              C:\> nltest /list_deltas:netlogon.chg                              

The system will display a lot of information, listing all changes made to the domain. The trust entry that appears in the Local Security Authority (LSA) Database section consists of entries similar to the following:

                              Order: 1 DeltaType AddOrChangeLsaSecret (18) SerialNumber: 100 77bb                               Immediately Name: 'G$$SAVTECHLON'                              Order: 2 DeltaType AddOrChangeLsaSecret (18) SerialNumber: 100 77bc                               Immediately Name: 'G$$SAVTECHLON'                              Order: 3 DeltaType AddOrChangeLsaTDomain (14) SerialNumber: 100 77bd                               Rid:                               0x6d2637de Sid: S-1-5-21-239443569-258070511-1831221214