A. To quickly check for a DC in a specific domain, go to the command prompt and type

nltest /dsgetdc:<domain name>

If your search is successful, the system will display information about that DC. For example,

C:\>nltest /dsgetdc:savilltech                              DC: \\TITANIC                              Address: \\                              Dom Guid: 9819e7e4-7beb-41d9-9923-dac38b1d342a                              Dom Name: SAVILLTECH                              Forest Name: ADS.SAVILLTECH                              Dc Site Name: UK                              Our Site Name: UK                              Flags: DS LDAP KDC TIMESERV WRITABLE DNS_FOREST CLOSE_SITE                              The command completed successfully

If your search fails, you'll receive a failure notice, such as

C:\>nltest /dsgetdc:test1                              DsGetDcName failed: Status = 1355 0x54b ERROR_NO_SUCH_DOMAIN