Corel Corp. and Marimba--the Java startup of "Castanet" fame--have agreed to deliver a pre-beta version of Corel Office for Java over the Net. Using a "channel" on Marimba's Castanet Tuner, users will be able to transparently install and perform upgrades to the new suite. Last week, Corel posted the pre-beta to their Web site. The beta of Castanet is available now from the Marimba Web site. Corel Office for Java includes versions of the Word Perfect word processor, the Quattro Pro spreadsheet, and Corel Chart, a graphing a charting application. A PIM and e-mail client are also included. The download is approximately 2.8 Mb. The Marimba Castanet Tuner is about 2.5 Mb. Want more information? Corel Corp. Marimba