I'm not a Pinterest guy in the least, but I know many of my friends who get caught up in the photo sharing phenomena. There's some cool stuff being posted and shared, but it's just not my thing.

However, there has yet to be a good app developed for Windows Phone and Windows 8, despite the high demand for one.

Pinterest has taken to their Help Center to offer a spot where folks interested in seeing an official, supported Pinterest app for Windows Phone and Windows 8, can help drive development.

If you're interested in Pinterest taking the next step to develop an app, jump out to the following link and click the "Me Too!" button.


Even if you don't care if a Pinterest app is created, it might be a good thing to jump out and vote for it anyway. Windows Phone is steadily building a market in the mix of giants, iOS and Android, so anything you can do to help will show the industry that Windows Phone matters. And, it will make other services, like Pinterest, take notice and start planning to provide their own Windows Phone apps.