This is a first – in a couple respects

UniversoWindows is reporting that Microsoft is now offering a long sought after feature for mobile Office – the ability to open password protected documents. But, there's a catch. This feature is only available for those who have both Windows Phone 8.1 AND Update 1 that was recently delivered to most participants in the Developer Preview program.

I highlight, most, since HTC 8X and 8S owners have still not received Update 1 due to issues uncovered with the handsets during the first few hours after release. Microsoft subsequently halted deliver of Update 1 to HTC units, and there's talk that 8S owners may never receive Update 1 due to server limitations. Microsoft is still working on the issue and 8X users could see renewed delivery in the next week or so.

UniversoWindows also states that while password protected documents can be opened, they cannot yet be edited.