To provide secure communication, Microsoft requires certificate enrollments for System Center Configuration Manager 2012 clients. The unfortunate thing about that is that, if you want to simply test functionality, you still have to purchase a certificate even for testing. In the end, you are probably not going to ever test and then never use a product that Microsoft believes you really should be using, due to the value and of course, Microsoft revenue.

One particular item in this vein, is the management of Windows Phone 8 through ConfigMgr 2012 SP1 using the Windows Intune conduit, particularly if you're just trying to test the functionality during the Windows Intune trial subscription. Obviously, unless you're able to test before the trial ends, Microsoft loses a potential customer. To help, Microsoft has released a new tool that will create and populate a sample Enrollment Token (without having to purchase a certificate), and then generate an example environment (Windows Phone 8 Company Portal app and two sample applications to test software distribution) to ensure testing can be completed, value realized, and the trial period extended into a full-fledged subscription.

If this interests you, download the tool.

Download it here: Support Tool for Windows Intune Trial Management of Window Phone 8