A. Windows 2000 has reduced the number of functions which require a reboot from about 50 in NT 4.0 to 7 in Windows 2000.

Items such as:

  • Changing an IP address
  • Changing the mouse
  • Adding a new page file or changing its size
  • Adding plug and play devices
  • Adding new disks

all required reboots. Now the only items that require a reboot are:

  • Changing ISA adapter configuration
  • Changing the system font (the USER and Graphics Device Interface have to be recreated)
  • Adding and removing communication ports (due to possible jumper changes)
  • Changing the default system locale
  • Changing the computer/domain name
  • Installing service packs or hotfixes

In Windows 2000 Server reboots are also needed for:

  • Running DCPROMO
  • Changing DNS suffix name
  • Switch language in Multilanguage edition
  • Installing Terminal Services
  • After installing Terminal Services most things require a reboot
  • Remove Gateway Services for Netware
  • Change DNS server's IP address