In a new Volume Licensing guide that is circulating around the Internet, Microsoft has outlined a new program for Microsoft Enterprise Agreement customers, called Server and Cloud Enrollment (SCE) in Enterprise.

Effective on November 1, 2013, SCE provides a range of new benefits which include cloud-optimized licensing options, simplified <cough, cough> license management, and revamped pricing and terms to help make the cloud more pleasing to Enterprise customers. Included in the package, SCE offers Core Infrastructure Suites (Windows Server and System Center), Application Platform Products (SQL Server, Biztalk Server and SharePoint Server), Developer Platform Products (Visual Studio) and Windows Azure.

To jumpstart the new program, between November 1, 2013 and June 30, 2014, Microsoft will offer a 15% discount on the Core Infrastructure Suite Data Center L&SA as well as SA only to customers purchasing these products via Enterprise Volume Licensing. Note that the offer is restricted to new purchases and will be available to customers via the Server & Cloud Enrollment Program.

Grab the November 2013 Price List HERE.