Not hugely monumental, the August Update Microsoft supplied for Windows 8.1 carries with it some uncommunicated additions. About a week before the August Update released, Microsoft told us only of three new features for Windows 8.1, including Touchpad options, a Miracast API, and a checkbox for SharePoint online. But, after August Update finally delivered, other features are being uncovered.

One of those undocumented features is a new quick-view area in the Windows Update section of the computer settings. If you go to Settings – Change PC Settings – Update and Recovery – Windows Update, you'll find a new area that shows when the PC last checked in to Windows Update and the last time updates were actually installed.

Some have asked already if this information is stored somewhere so that those using scripts or management tools like System Center Configuration Manager can obtain it and report on it. I've not yet found where the information is stored. I checked the Window registry and WMI, but have come up empty so far. If you find where the Windows Update component is pulling the information from, I'd love to know.

Obviously this feature requires the August Update, which in turn requires Windows 8.1.