In the past, Microsoft has focused solely on the "metro" or "modern" side of Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 in their guides, marketing slicks, and user guides. They really, truly want people to like the new operating system, but as reports suggest, even some within Microsoft have named Windows 8 the new Windows Vista.

Personally, I don't agree. I love Windows 8.1 and a rumored revamp in Windows 9 scares me a bit.

Still, maybe there is some truth in the Vista nomenclature and in the Windows 9 face-lift, as Microsoft has now released a new business guide that focuses heavily on the desktop side of Windows 8 for the first time. While the document does eventually get to the normal Metro-style features and apps, the first 5 or 6 pages highlight desktop-only services such as the new Windows 8.1 Start button, File Explorer (formerly Windows Explorer), the Taskbar, and Task Manager – all functions familiar to pre-Windows 8 users.

Download the guide: Windows 8.1 Power User Guide for Business