In Stop Bellyaching about Windows 8 and use Windows 7, I talked briefly about my experiences with Windows 8. Since then, several people have asked if I would expound on those experiences. So, I'm going to make it my mission to piece together my successes with Windows 8 and relay them in a series of articles. Stay tuned for that.

From what I'm gathering, there has been too much listening to industry folks about Windows 8's supposed woes than actually digging in and using it. A lot of people don't have the luxury to setup a computer just for testing new things.

The only way to truly drown out complaints about the newly envisioned operating system is to provide enough free education and training to for users to start to become comfortable with it. To me, with all the hubbub around what Windows Azure can do, Microsoft should provide easy-to-use virtual lab environments so that the curious can give it whirl. But, make it more than just a static VM, give us something we can personalize and use for 90 days or so.

Microsoft should be listening to this. And, maybe they are.

This past Friday Microsoft rereleased a Windows 8 video entitled: "Get to Know Windows 8"

The subtitle says: "This video has all you need to get up to speed." I don't agree with that, so Microsoft still needs a bit of a reality check there.

While not something that can be personalized and used, the video does a good job walking through some of the cursory features of Windows 8. At only three and a half minutes long, it's worth giving it a look and passing along to someone else. To me, an experienced Windows 8 user, this video doesn't provide much, so I'm curious if you think it is a step in the right direction.

Take a look: