If you work in IT in the education sector, and have considered taking a look at Windows 8, Microsoft has released some specific guides to help your decision and testing process. The education sector is notorious for being slow to upgrade computer systems for a few reasons, none of which are IT's fault. First, nothing monumental can happen while school is in session, leaving only a few months of idle time where IT can perform upgrades. Secondly, budgeting is an issue and unless it's entirely critical or the state-funded organizations get a huge influx of tax dollars, it's not going to happen. There are more education systems still running on Windows XP than probably any other sector (except, maybe, manufacturing). With Windows XP's dead date looming (April 2014), it might make more sense to just hustle up the Windows 7 migrations because if an institution hasn't tested apps and provided training for Windows 8 by now, Windows 7 is a much safer bet and will get the institution under a supportability contract quicker.

Anyhoo, here's a list of the guides (with links) that Microsoft has made available, specific to the Education Sector.

Windows 8 Deployment Planning - A Guide for Education

Windows 8 Deployment to PCs - A Guide for Education

Windows To Go - A Guide for Education

VDI for Institution-Owned Devices - A Guide for Education

Windows Store Apps - A Deployment Guide for Education

VDI for Personally Owned Devices - A Guide for Education

BYOD Devices - A Deployment Guide for Education

BTW: These are some very thorough and valuable guides. I'd suggest anyone download and read through them, even if not part of the Education sector.