Microsoft has released a new Surface accessory to allow access to a network through a standard RJ-45 cable when Wi-Fi is not available. During my trip to MMS 2013 in early April, this would have come in handy, however I did source a 3rdparty component that does the same thing and for much less than the Microsoft Store's $39.99 price tag.

You can find the new Surface accessory release by Microsoft here: Surface USB to Ethernet adapter

Microsoft indicates on the Store page that the device was designed exclusively for Surface with Windows 8 Pro.

If you're interested in a less costly device that I know works well, check out the one from Plugable Technologies instead:

Plugable USB 2.0 to 10/100 Fast Ethernet LAN Wired Network Adapter for Macbook, Chromebook, Windows 8 and Earlier, Surface Pro, Wii, Wii U, Linux, and Specific Android Tablets

The Plugable version is just $13.95 from and if you're a Prime member (and, who isn't?) the device will show up in a couple days without any additional shipping costs.