Microsoft has released a new End User Training Brochure for Windows 8 to help users navigate around the new operating system.

Download it here: Windows 8 End User Training Brochure

The 36-page guide spends a good amount of time just on the touch and swipe functions, but then also delves into the new features such as social hub, security, profile and settings synching, and customization.

With Windows 8.1 on its way to everyone, this brochure should help reignite the wonder of learning the new operating system. It's in PDF format, so it's easy to deliver to end-users over email or other electronic distribution method.

To me, one of the more handy pages in the Brochure is the Keyboard shortcut guide. The touch functions for Windows 8 are pretty intuitive. You swipe from the sides and bottom to get menus, pinch to zoom out, etc., but the new keyboard commands are what I wanted.