If you write scripts, you've likely encountered error messages that provide only a numeric error code. No matter whether these cryptic error messages are the result of poor programming or an unexpected condition (e.g., a network outage), they're annoying because without a description of the errors, the error messages offer little help in debugging the code. Tired of this frustration, Bill Stewart wrote ErrorParser.hta, an HTML Application (HTA) that lets you enter a numeric error code and click a button to get a description of that error. The Error Parser HTA converts numeric Windows API system and network error codes—whether decimal, hexadecimal, or negative numbers—into easy-to-understand error-code descriptions. To download the HTA and learn how it works, go to "Parsing Error Codes." This article is open to registered users through October 3. (Registration is free and simple if you're not already a registered user.) If you enjoy reading this article, you can get more of this type of content by becoming a Windows IT Pro VIP subscriber.