A. With every technology, you can only add so many things before you hit some kind of maximum. This is the case in ESX, where a set of storage maximums are important considerations when building servers and designing your SAN infrastructure. ESX’s maximums are particularly important, because as the size and scale of servers and SAN storage continues to go up, it grows possible that even a medium-sized environment could hit them.

When you’re designing your vSphere virtual infrastructure, consider carefully the following list of maximums. You might not be coming close to these today, but as your environment scales upward you don’t want to find yourself coming close without a plan in place.

  • LUNs per Host = 256
  • VMs per Host = 256
  • NFS Datastores = 64
  • FC HBAs per Host = 8
  • FC HBA ports = 16
  • FC paths to LUN = 32
  • ISCSI HW initiators = 4
  • ISCSI paths to LUN = 8

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