A. If you enable features like RemoteFX on your Hyper-V server, you need to configure a licensing server per the prompt that is displayed on logon. However, the normal GUI way to configure licensing isn't available because you don't have RDSH installed.

You need to use PowerShell to configure the licensing server, as shown below. Make sure the PowerShell instance is run with administrative credentials—right-click the PowerShell icon and select Run as Administrator. The last line sets the licensing to per-user (4). Per-device would be value of 2. Once you've entered these commands, you'll need to reboot the server for the change to take effect.

<p>PS C:\Users\administrator.SAVILLTECH> <strong>Import-Module RemoteDesktopServices</strong><br> PS C:\Users\administrator.SAVILLTECH> <strong>cd rds:</strong><br> PS RDS:\> <strong>cd RDVHConfiguration\LicensingSettings\RegisteredLicenseServers</strong><br> PS RDS:\RDVHConfiguration\LicensingSettings\RegisteredLicenseServers> <strong>dir</strong><br><br> Directory: RDS:\RDVHConfiguration\LicensingSettings\RegisteredLicenseServers<br><br> Name Type CurrentValue GP PermissibleValues PermissibleOperations<br> ---- ---- ------------ -- ----------------- ---------------------<br> savdaldc10.savilltech.net String - Get-Item<br><br> PS RDS:\RDVHConfiguration\LicensingSettings\RegisteredLicenseServers> <strong>cd ..\SpecifiedLicenseServers</strong><br> PS RDS:\RDVHConfiguration\LicensingSettings\SpecifiedLicenseServers> <strong>New-Item -name savdaldc10.savilltech.net -Force</strong><br><br> Directory: RDS:\RDVHConfiguration\LicensingSettings\SpecifiedLicenseServers<br><br> Name Type CurrentValue GP PermissibleValues PermissibleOperations<br> ---- ---- ------------ -- ----------------- ---------------------<br> savdaldc10.savilltech.net String - Get-Item, Remove-Item</p><br><p>PS RDS:\RDVHConfiguration\LicensingSettings\SpecifiedLicenseServers> cd ..<br> PS RDS:\RDVHConfiguration\LicensingSettings> Set-Item .\LicensingType -Value 4</p>

You can confirm licensing is working when you connect to a RemoteFX enabled VDI client. An RDS CAL (per-user or per-device) will be used, which is visible in RD Licensing Manager.