A. After the MED-V host agent is installed (along with a workspace containing a Windows XP VM), applications are typically accessed inside the MED-V workspace from the Windows 7 Start menu. The applications then launch on the Windows 7 desktop without users ever seeing the XP environment the applications are really running in.

The MED-V 2 host agent contains an administrative toolkit that's accessed by navigating to %systemdrive%\Program Files\Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization and launching with medvhost /tookit, as shown here.

C:\Users\john>cd "%systemdrive%\Program Files\Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization"

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization>medvhost /toolkit

This will open the Administration Toolkit interface, which lets you see events related to MED-V. It also lets you view published applications inside the workspace, web addresses configured to redirect to the Internet Explorer within the XP workspace, and the option to view the MED-V workspace full screen, as shown here.