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Microsoft and Sony Reverse the Messaging at E3 2014 Commented on: 6 weeks ago (June 10, 2014)

Microsoft being last to the party with some sort of streaming box like AppleTV is pretty sad and pathetic and embarrassing.

They really should announce and ship an XboxTV box before the end...

Apple Highlights iOS 8 Enterprise Features Commented on: 6 weeks ago (June 9, 2014)

Here's hoping Windows Phone & Windows RT continue to step up their game in this department, making Windows products a no-brainer in Windows-dominated enterprises... with things "just working"...

PC Makers Try to Transform the Industry Commented on: 7 weeks ago (June 3, 2014)

I got a Yoga 2 Pro, and love it... crazy hinge and all. Best laptop I've ever owned by far.

In Major Reversal, Microsoft Decouples Kinect from Xbox One Commented on: 10 weeks ago (May 14, 2014)

They are abandoning their vision, screwing developers, screwing people who already bought (existing customers), giving themselves the reputation of being flip-floppers, weak, and unreliable liars...

No Need to Point Fingers in the Wake of XP Fix Commented on: 11 weeks ago (May 6, 2014)

I pretty much assumed that it was a trivial, straight-forward, "drop in" fix and thus required very little in the way of development or testing above and beyond fixing it in the other browsers (i....

Google to Launch Modular Smartphones in 2015 Commented on: 14 weeks ago (April 16, 2014)

I can't be the only one that is "meh" on this idea, and thinks it's likely to flop, can I?

Then again, I can't imagine why anyone would want a Chromebook, and they're apparently selling, so...

Windows Phone Licensing: How Low Can They Go? Commented on: 19 weeks ago (March 13, 2014)

When they release "Windows 9" next year, they need to price it at $49 for any Windows 7 or Windows 8.x user to upgrade... and any such user should be able to upgrade in place without having to re-...

Details Emerge About Office for iPad Commented on: 22 weeks ago (February 18, 2014)

While I sorta understand the reasoning for releasing Office for iPad as soon as it's ready... it seems a marketing and perception mistake to release it before a version is available for Surface...

In Windows, Veritas Commented on: 23 weeks ago (February 11, 2014)

I still prefer the Windows RT/Metro to iPad/Android. I think there's a lot of power there, both in the UI and in the API (or rather, a ton of potential).

What they need is a name for it...

Need to Know: Windows 8.1 Update 1 and Windows Phone 8.1 Commented on: 25 weeks ago (January 29, 2014)

I agree. I don't see any real purpose either. But apparently a lot of people want this ability, so... it doesn't bother me really.

But I wonder how you're going to be able to control...

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