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Laptops are crucial in helping workers stay productive when mobile. But laptops can also be the weakest link in your security chain, as users travel beyond your network’s secure perimeter and access sensitive company data at public hot spots. Here’s what you need to know to keep workers both secure and productive.

  • Poor security can affect productivity—and the bottom line
  • Example: One stolen laptop can cost an organization on average $49,000 or more, including lost productivity, increased need for IT support, potential loss of intellectual property
  • Hacking attacks can cost an average U.S. enterprise $15.4 million in productivity and other losses
  • Inadequate user education re: security risks, and/or compliance with security policies, can degrade productivity. Users should be aware that security risks are always rising and changing:
  • Ransomware is on the rise; along with productivity losses, a lot is at stake
  • Employees’ personal laptops are an attractive target
  • Internet-connected software and services aimed at consumers are another target; BYOD users often use consumer cloud services for business reasons
  • Laptop webcam spying is a possibility
  • Discontinued software programs and utilities pose risks
  • USB drives can spread malware
  • In-flight Wi-Fi is insecure
  • Airport, hotel, Wi-Fi hot spots are risky

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James A. Martin is an award-winning blogger and writer based in San Francisco. He is a contributor to Windows IT Pro and has written about mobile technology since the mid-1990s for PCWorld, Macworld,, and others.



Kelcey Kinjo, Product and Marketing Manager, Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc., Client Solutions Division

A seasoned veteran of the technology sector, Kelcey Kinjo has spent the past two decades with Toshiba. He is currently a product and marketing manager and oversees the development of go-to-market plans, pricing structures and production schedule for the organization’s variety of business to business solutions. A technology expert, Kinjo is regularly called upon to deliver presentations on new and emerging technologies to customers and executive management.

Prior to his current role, Kinjo was responsible for multiple product offerings within the company’s commercial and consumer portfolios including, notebooks, camcorders, tablets, mobile computing accessories and carrying cases.





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