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SMBs are constantly inundated with offers and invitations to upgrade their devices, hardware and equipment. They also constitute a group that is keen to – yet struggles to – keep up with the latest tech trends. In this webinar, laptop and mobility expert Pedro Pereira will talk about when a business should consider replacing its laptops and the best practices to follow when building a plan to do so. This will include topics like:

Don't be cheap: Consumer laptops are fine for consumers but you needed business machines that with plenty of storage, high screen resolution, durability, long battery life, etc.

Assess your needs: How will the laptops be used -- sitting on desks mostly, traveling frequently, or going back and forth between home and office? What will users be doing with them? By assessing your needs, you can make good decisions on hard drive capacity, storage, RAM, screen resolution, and so forth.

Standardize: A salad of various laptop models with different OSes and application versions, different warranties and service plans is wasteful and hard to manage. Standardize on one or two laptops. You'll save money and get better management.

Plan ahead: Get models that can handle at least the next version of the OS; you don't want them to be obsolescent as soon as Microsoft updates Windows, etc.

Have a management plan: This could break down into several parts -- RMM for day-to-day maintenance, automated backup and recovery, automated security and software updates, etc. Don't rely on busy users to perform tasks that can be automated.

Benefits: List the pros of these considerations -- better planning, lifecycle management, budgeting, etc. For instance, by following the above practices, you can save on IT staff or reassign them to strategic activities.

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Pedro Pereira has worked with some of the biggest names in IT publishing, including Ziff Davis, Penton, and Informa, as well as the top IT marketing agencies and some of the best-known technology vendors. He was a pioneer in writing and editing copy about managed services and cloud computing, and has expanded his areas of expertise over the years to include M2M, big data, IoT, cyber security, mobility, BYOD and other technology trends. He currently contributes as an editor to a weekly blog on MSPMentor. 

Pedro focuses on researching, writing and editing white papers, articles, blogs and marketing content for his expanding roster of clients, but also has been a host and writer for digital events and a speaker at industry conferences.

Ryan Nichols is a product manager with Toshiba and has been with the company in a variety of roles for the past 8 years. In his current position, he provides leadership in product, systems, and technical training, as well as strategic marketing programs.