Cloud en Exchange Exposed #3: Contemplating compliance <div class="node-body audio-body">In this episode, Paul and Tony review the latest happenings in the world of Exchange and look forward to what they think might happen at the Microsoft Ignite event in May. They are joined by Kamal Janardhan of Microsoft to talk about how the compliance features are evolving in Exchange and in the new Office 365 Compliance Center.</div> <div class="field-image-promo"> <a href="/exchange-exposed/exchange-exposed-3-contemplating-compliance" class="imagecache imagecache-med_crop imagecache-linked imagecache-med_crop_linked"><img alt="Exchange Exposed" src="" title="" height="200" width="355" class="imagecache imagecache-med_crop" /></a> </div> <div class="field-audio-file"> <span>Audio File:&nbsp;</span> <div class="filefield-file"><img class="filefield-icon field-icon-audio-mpeg" alt="audio/mpeg icon" src="" /><a href="" type="audio/mpeg; length=47658171">ExchangeExposed3_mixdown.mp3</a></div> </div> <div class="og_rss_groups"></div><p><a href="" target="_blank">read more</a></p> Exchange Server 2013 Office 365 Exchange Exposed Fri, 17 Apr 2015 21:10:00 +0000 135801 at <p>Exchange Exposed, with Paul Robichaux and Tony Redmond</p> Google Gives Windows XP Users a Chrome Reprieve <div class="node-body article-body">Google has extended its support for Chrome running on Windows XP.</div> <div class="og_rss_groups"></div><p><a href="" target="_blank">read more</a></p> Cloud Windows XP Chrome Chrome Windows XP Windows XP Fri, 17 Apr 2015 13:15:00 +0000 135681 at Using Network Security Groups with Internal Load Balancer <div class="node-body article-body">Using Network Security Groups and Internal Load Balancers together.</div> <div class="og_rss_groups"></div><p><a href="" target="_blank">read more</a></p> Azure ILB ILB Network Security Group Network Security Group Fri, 17 Apr 2015 13:07:00 +0000 135101 at Access the Azure AD instance for your Office 365 <div class="node-body article-body">Easily access the Azure AD tenant for your Office 365 instance.</div> <div class="og_rss_groups"></div><p><a href="" target="_blank">read more</a></p> Office 365 Azure AD Azure AD Fri, 17 Apr 2015 13:03:00 +0000 135091 at Rename Azure AD Sync Server <div class="node-body article-body">Learn how to rename your Azure AD Sync server.</div> <div class="og_rss_groups"></div><p><a href="" target="_blank">read more</a></p> Azure AADSync AADSync DirSync DirSync Fri, 17 Apr 2015 12:59:00 +0000 135081 at Struggling with the Dropbox integration with Office Online <div class="node-body blog-body"><p>I have been trying to make sense of the <a href="" target="_blank">integration between the Office Online applications and Dropbox</a> announced on April 9. I suspect I am not the only one in this situation, at least not in the ranks of those who focus on enterprise computing rather than personal usage. Let&rsquo;s see if we can figure out what&rsquo;s happening.</p></div> <div class="og_rss_groups"><ul class="links"><li class="og_links first last"><a href="/blog/tony-redmonds-exchange-unwashed-0">Tony Redmond&#039;s Exchange Unwashed</a></li> </ul></div><p><a href="" target="_blank">read more</a></p> Office 365 Compliance Compliance Dropbox Dropbox Excel Online Excel Online Office 365 Office 365 Office Online Office Online Word Online Word Online Tony Redmond&#039;s Exchange Unwashed Blog Tony Redmond&#039;s Exchange Unwashed Fri, 17 Apr 2015 12:00:00 +0000 135641 at Office 365 Video goes worldwide and mobile for business customers <div class="node-body article-body">While Office 365 Video has been out for a few months to a limited audience it is now available for all Office 365 Business customer everywhere in the world.</div> <div class="og_rss_groups"></div><p><a href="" target="_blank">read more</a></p> Office 365 Office Office 365 Office 365 Video Thu, 16 Apr 2015 19:14:00 +0000 135621 at Yammer expands collaboration features for external team members <div class="node-body article-body">Yammer gets updated to allow external team members to easily join in on conversations to enhance collaboration.</div> <div class="og_rss_groups"></div><p><a href="" target="_blank">read more</a></p> Cloud collaboration Devle Microsoft Office Office 365 Yammer Thu, 16 Apr 2015 17:18:00 +0000 135611 at Free eBook on Azure Machine Learning <div class="node-body article-body">A new eBook from Microsoft Press covers the facets of data science from the Azure perspective.</div> <div class="og_rss_groups"></div><p><a href="" target="_blank">read more</a></p> Azure Azure Azure eBook eBook machine learning machine learning Microsoft Press Microsoft Press Thu, 16 Apr 2015 13:57:00 +0000 135591 at Surface App enterprise image update adds support for Surface 3 <div class="node-body article-body">Deploying Surface Pro 3 or considering the Surface 3 for your organization then you should grab this updated Surface App for your deployment image.</div> <div class="og_rss_groups"></div><p><a href="" target="_blank">read more</a></p> Microsoft Surface enterprise Surface 3 Surface App Surface Pro 3 Thu, 16 Apr 2015 13:49:00 +0000 135581 at